Internet Governance

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2016 – Cerf, Vint and Ryan, Patrick and Senges, Max and Whitt, Richard S.; IoT Safety and Security as Shared Responsibility in Journal of Business Informatics, Number 1, Issue 35 (2016), pp 7-19. Available at SSRN
2016 – Cerf, Vint and Senges, Max; Taking the Internet to the Next Physical Level, in IEEE Computer, vol. 49, no. 2, pp. 80-86
2014 - Cerf, Vint and Ryan, Patrick and Senges, Max and Whitt, Richard S.; A Perspective from the Private Sector: Ensuring that Forum Follows Function. in Beyond Netmundial: The Roadmap for Institutional Improvements to the Global Internet Governance Ecosystem (William J. Drake and Monroe Price, Eds). 2014; Center for Global Communication Studies, Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. Available at SSRN
2013 - Cerf, Vint and Ryan, Patrick and Senges, Max, Internet Governance Is Our Shared Responsibility in I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society, 10 ISJLP 1 (2014) Available at SSRN
The Humanization of Internet Governance:
A Roadmap Towards a Comprehensive Global (Human) Rights Architecture for the Internet.
Paper presented together with Wolfgang Benedek and Matthias Ketteman at 3rd GigaNet Symposium.
Toward a Humanistic Conception of Cyberspace.
A Twofold Challenge for Netizens Mobilizing for a Democratic Internet Governance.
Paper presented together with Elena Pavan and Konstantin Komaitis at 3rd GigaNet Symposium.
Privacy and the Need for an Internet Bill of Rights.
Working paper together with David Casacuberta presented at the GigaNet Symposium 2007 Rio (Brazil). Published in Enrahonar 40/41 (p. 99–111)
Future Governance of the Internet.
Positioning paper
Basic Considerations on the Governance of Cyberspace.
Working Paper
german @ Gipfelthemen.
Interview über den WSIS und das Internet Governance Forum
Outside traditional politics
The internet is about people – we are the people!
Post to Civil Society Internet Governance forum
Statement on Internet Governance Forum organisation by CDUN & DiploNet/ISOC Catalunya.
Read the statement


Entrepreneurial learning in the networked age:
How new learning environments foster entrepreneurship and innovation.
Article together with John Seely Brown and Howard Rheingold published in Paradigms 1.
Knowledge Entrepreneurship in Universities:
Strategy and Practice in the case of Internet based Innovation appropriation.
PhDThesis available as

Entrepreneurial Universities in the Network Society: A Code of Conduct for Use of the Internet.
Paper presented at the annual conference of the OECD’s Institutional Management in Higher Education Programme.
Review of: Challenging Knowledge. The University in the Knowledge Society, by Gerard Delanty.
In: Revista de Universidad y Sociedad del Conocimiento.
The concept of Sustainability Teleological Considerations & Marketability.
Final Paper of the United Nations University International Course 2005.
The use of Information and Communication Technology for Knowledge Networking.
German Master-Thesis (Diplomarbeit) also published as article in the Scientific Journal of the University of Applied Sciences Wildau (ISSN 0949-8214 Heft 2004).
Research Report on Best Practice’s for Virtual Communities. Research implemented as part of the PhD Programme and embedded in an EU project.
Can be send upon request.

Ethics in Cyberspace

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Presentation at Cosmopolitan Citizenship in the 21st century: Re-Unite Babylon Or The 2nd tower of Babel.
The Civil Society Caucus on Ethics and Values held an official side-event of the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (presenter and panel member). Download the presentation as PPT.


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Entrepreneurship as life philosophy and world view: Mindset for the Knowledge society?
Working paper presented at the Governability and Participation Conference (Monterrey Forum 2007, Mexico)
During the conference participation in a working group on Monterrey Manifesto – Towards a Participatory Institutional Ecology of Network Societies.

Reviews, comments and recommendations on themes related with entrepreneurship and especially innovative entrepreneurship at the portal of Prof. Dr. G. Faltin (Arbeitsbereich Entrepreneurship, FU Berlin).

A selection of posts:

Universities & Virtual Worlds

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Virtual Worlds as Environment for Learning Communities
Chapter in M. D. Lytras, R. Tennyson & P. O. d. Pablos (Eds.), Knowledge Networks: The Social Software Perspective, together with Marc Alier. IGI Global.
Introductory book (Spanish and Catalan) on virtual worlds and SecondLife in particular, written in collaboration with P. Bihr and T. Praus. Editorial UOC, ISBN: 978-84-9788-609-3.
Entrepreneurial Universities in the Network Society:
A Code of Conduct for Use of the Internet
Paper presented at the annual conference of the OECD’s Institutional Management in Higher Education Programme.

Personal Writings

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