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Logo Co:llaboratory


The Co:llaboratory was an open think tank, bringing together actors from associations, academia, data- and consumer protection, Internet companies and policymakers to work on solutions to societal questions on Internet – initiated by Google Germany.

Main activity were thematic initiatives on specific topic areas that span a duration of several months. The participating experts from different sectors met regularly for internal and public workshops. The circle of experts that participated in an initiative worked autonomously and produced a final report with scenarios and recommendations that was presented to stakeholders.

Past initiatives covered themes such as digital innovation govenance, open government, copyright reform as well as privacy and the public sphere.


Logo Kleos


Max was co-founder of Kleos IT@home which offers technology training, consulting and maintenance services (with a focus on Apple systems) especially for technologically challenged Germans in the Heidelberg and accordingly the Rhein-Neckar-Delta region. All services can be delivered in the comfort of ones home.

Supercool School

Logo Supercool School

Max was co-founder of Supercool School which empowered people to start their own live online school. It was a movement to give people worldwide access to education by building a global school infrastructure.

Knowledge Entrepreneur

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Logo Knowledge Entrepreneur

Knowledge Entrepreneur explores and promotes the practice of knowledge entrepreneurship as well as a humanistic philosophy of entrepreneurship in general by reviewing the thesis „Knowledge Entrepreneurship in Universities: Practice and Strategy in the case of Internet based Innovation Appropriation“.

The research was conducted by Max Senges within the Information and Knowledge Society Phd Programme at the online university Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Free University of Catalonia) and with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya (beca predoctoral para la formación de personal investigador).

The thesis has been transposed to a suitable web-format (see index or mindmap )
but it is also available as one pdf-file or download the individual chapters, as a 42min. video of the PhD-Defense or as a podcast.

The research is rather trans-disciplinary. There are several thematic access routes to the work:

The Sword Dance Joanovitch